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Helloooooo people!!! Today was a fantastic day for me and I hope it was for you. If it was not, then lets just stop everything and take a moment to breath.

Think of five things you are grateful for. Let me start. I’m grateful for the cup of tea I’m having, I’m grateful for you guys who give me a few minutes of your day, I’m grateful for instagram (yes, thank you technology), I’m grateful for iisuperwomanii vlogs and finally I’m grateful for my wallpaper.

You try it now. So today was a lesson, as much as any other but it packed more of a punch in a way. Today I was taught a lesson in kindness. There is this man we had sat with and he was an older man with a certain kind of disability. I will not mention what exactly it was. Anyway, he probably was in pain and uncomfortable but he did all the activities we were requested to do and he did them without acting sickly even though it was clear he was. He did not want special treatment and did not request for it.

Some of us when we have a cold, we want the world to stop until we get better. Not even a cold but a small thing like a bad mood. We want to be left alone until we get better. But this old man carried his disability with him and told it to sit down like a good boy and not to fuss while he carried on with what he wanted to do. He was kind and thankful for everyone who talked to him, even to just say thank you for the smallest thing. By the time the event was over, everyone wanted to let him pass, to let him go ahead. And met all the reactions with a smile on his face.

A kind heart is a kind heart. That’s it. It doesn’t matter if we are having a bad day or a bad couple of years or the people around us seem not with us…’s alright. We have to live inside of ourselves our entire lives. We not make our stay as lighthearted and positive as we can.

Sometimes we can be pushed in anger and hurt, but taking 5 seconds to re evaluate changes the heat of the moment to something workable. Most of the time I do not even think about what I do and I end up in situations that take week or even months to solve. Some situations in my life I wish I had taken those 5 seconds before acting but I believe everything we do is to lead us where we want to be or rather where we are meant to be.

Yes this entire post was me kicking myself to get up and own that I need to be kind with no excuses. Just positive vibes, love and light!!! The people who hurt us should not control us. We should control us and so to quote the

lovely Selena Gomez,

Kill ‘Em With Kindness

Thanks for reading and have a good one!!

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Hey guys! My name is Jacky and I have this belief that Jack2y looks much better than Jacky. Oh and also that the world is a much better place when we work together. So I will share stories and insights and I would love to get to know you and your story. FYI I have an obsession with cake! Thank you for being you!!

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