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The Time I met Bob Marley!!!!!!!

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The Time I met Bob Marley!!!!!!!

Hellooooo People!!!! How are you? I hope fantastic and if not I think you are the biznnnnnneeeeessss (please do say each letter of that word).

Now that your gorgeous smile is out, let me tell you about my grey day yesterday. So as we all know, I am supposed to put up a post every Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. But Jacky, it’s Thursday, what are you doing here? Well to be honest what is anyone really doing here…………. hehe just kidding! Let us dive into the long explanation that will become today’s post.

I had it all figured out on Monday and I could not wait to unleash the masterpiece that was yesterday’s post. I think my comedic career would have started and ended with yesterday’s post. That is how epic it was. So then Wednesday rolls by and I’m in such a mood that I could be hired as a boxer. I had so much untapped rage . Not to say that boxers are full of rage.

I normally flourish, just like anyone, in positive vibes and easy typa feelings. But yesterday, I was just in a mood that was not going anywhere. So I decided to do what a friend does. (She’s actually not a friend yet, but she will be. Oh and this creepy remark is to inform you that I’m talking about Lilly Singh. Lilly if you do see this……I have probably passed out in excitement)

I decided to listen to some Bob Marley. I am generally not a reggae fan, but iconic artists transcend that barrier. So after a couple of those songs that I know, I decide to dive deeper into the Bob Marley world. And I found ‘Marley the Movie’ that was done in 2012. Wow! To be honest guys I felt like I met Bob Marley for real! His music truly comes from the heart out through his mouth and  into the hearts of his audience. And they feel it. We feel it.

How many of us do our work or something from our hearts? How many of us do it even in the face of rejection? How many of us believe in ourselves, our potential and our hearts enough to stand up even after falling down a couple of times?

He is such an inspiring man and he also reminds us that we do not have to be perfect or above and beyond standard to make a difference. He also said something, that his life is to make other people better in one way or another. I’m just paraphrasing of course, but that was the message I got. I encourage you all to check that movie out. It’s really good and inspiring. Also you may or may not be a reggae fun but I’m sure you know Bob Marley.

The way he persevered through everything he went through and the way he remained Bob Marley throughout is a huge lesson and motivation for myself and I’m sure for others as well. We all have hearts, we all have something we want to do. It could be singing at the top of our lungs with our earphones on and maybe end up sounding really bad. It could be swimming in the kids pool because we don’t know how to swim. It could be making a difference by making sure that the environment around us is clean. It could be being a Bawse (Yup I did it again.

If you want to pre order the book, please go to How to be a Bawse) It’s our hearts that make a difference and even if no one understands it. It is so much more worthwhile to follow our hearts (as long as it’s legal. Let’s not get carried away guys………well a little, not too crazy). To do it all more so for the sake of others than ourselves is vital. So what’s my take away you ask? One Love, One Heart, Let’s get together and feel alright Bob Marley

Thanks for reading, have a good one!

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Hey guys! My name is Jacky and I have this belief that Jack2y looks much better than Jacky. Oh and also that the world is a much better place when we work together. So I will share stories and insights and I would love to get to know you and your story. FYI I have an obsession with cake! Thank you for being you!!

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