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Unwind and Dive


Unwind and Dive

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Unwind and Dive

Hello fellow humans!! How are you doing? Positive vibes are just about to get to you in point 5 seconds! …….Wuuuuuuushhhaaaaaa!!!

Do you feel it? Because they almost knocked me out! I know we work hard to achieve goals and targets that mean the most to us, but sometimes we just need that time to chill and relax. And that comes in different shapes and sizes for different people. So let’s hammer down a few things that I may or may not do and also some things I know other people do to relax.

  •  Sleep

Obviously this is first. When we get really tired, our body starts shutting down. If you are a scientist or are more aware of the human body, you are welcome to critic my analogy. When the body is tired it needs to recharge and to do that, physical activity needs to be limited. This is where sleep comes in. Some may or not misuse it but it is a gift and I believe it should be taken as a rejuvenation. Talking about sleep is making me sleepy, so let’s move on to the next.

  •  Snack

I love snacks. Well the truth is I love food in general. But  like the way a small thing like a piece of cake, a handful of nuts, some strawberries or grapes, cake spike ones dying energy just enough to get through the task. Having a snack when we start getting tired boosts our morale and also gives us a time to think as we eat. And plus they are easy to carry.

  • Music

You know music is the food for the soul. Music is always a good choice while doing anything. Even while working, I personally enjoy my work with some music in the background. Recently I have been dancing in my listening to music. This is mostly when I listen to Machel Montano, who I really love. He has that good vibes dancey music. You cannot really listen to is music without bobbing your head. Dancing, I don’t know… just generally feels good.

  •  Tea

You know this post is legit mine because I have mentioned food and Cake (which I will mention here as well) in two different points!! Anyway, I genuinely love tea. I guess that is why I love cups. It could be the usual tea or flavoured tea, it does not really matter. I love tea. But not the one with a lot of milk. Generally eating gives me the chill vibes.

  •  Movies

After a long week or just a generally tiring period of time, entering into a new world gives the mind a break from dealing with the real world. For about 2 hours or so. T is like escaping to another world and experiencing what the main character is experiencing. Emotions surface as we watch movies. It is so much fun.

  •  Spa Days

Nothing relaxes the body and mind more than a good old spa session. I personally have not had a spa day but those people who have had an especially difficult time seem to love it so much so it must be an epic relaxing vibes typa thing. Some people who have gone for massages however complain that it is horrible. They say that they came out with more pain than they went in with. I you have had a body massage, what was your experience. There are many things we do to relax, I just got to mention a few. Which one do you do too as well?

Thanks for reading ad have a good one!!

Hey guys! My name is Jacky and I have this belief that Jack2y looks much better than Jacky. Oh and also that the world is a much better place when we work together. So I will share stories and insights and I would love to get to know you and your story. FYI I have an obsession with cake! Thank you for being you!!

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