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Hello good people!! How are you? Good and positive is my stance here. So today I want us to dive eyes first (hehe see what I did there), into today’s topic which is no topic.

Hehe no I’m kidding, just various observations that I made that made me smile, learn and even laugh.

  •  Smooth Sailing

No no, I did not go on a cruise ship or get anywhere near a boat or a large mass of water for that matter. No. What I did was get into an Uber. Hehe let me explain so that you too can be on board with the title.

I have not had the best of experiences with Uber drivers to be honest. Normally they fall on the scale of Okay to Creepy. But I give them a five star rating regardless because of the system’s convenience.  Recently however, I had requested for an Uber then the guy took almost 45 minutes to arrive then he went on to cancel the ride without telling me.

I was frustrated and furious to say the least. So my sister encouraged me to request for another one

and I did. He called after 2 minutes and was there ready to go in 5. When he called to let me know he had arrived, he said,” Hi Jacky. I have arrived at your pickup point.” And honestly I was floored. Normally they just say, “I’m here” or in Kiswahili, “Nimefika”. I know some of you may be wondering why this is such a big deal but being polite and kind with your words does go a long way. When I got in he was like,” Hi Jacky, how was your day? What music do you prefer to listen to?” Let me just say it was smooth sailing from there on. Key point here is “Kind Words”.

  • Pedicure Shenanigans

Don’t get me wrong by the title. I love being pampered and pedicures are part of the pampering. The thing is for us hairy people, one doesn’t just decide to go for a pedicure during on the day of and then goes for one in the afternoon. No way! Why is this so you ask?

I’m sure you can kinda guess it now. Hairy legs. There is no way I will go for a pedicure today just like that. I do not want my legs soaked in water then my leg hair is just there having deep conversations with the salon lady, the water and the massage oil. That is already too much information being exchanged among an entire group! It’s just a preference my dears not a rule.

If you are blessed with the confidence and or no leg hair then a round of applause to you my friend. My self conscious self would give me the side eye big time if I even considered it.

  • Parenting

Hahahaha, no I’m not becoming a parent any time soon. Relax. I am referring to my own parents. It’s funny how when we were younger, our ‘friends’ knew more than our parents. As we get older, we tend to choose the parent over the friend. The importance of the parent has grown significantly and I feel that’s a good thing.

Now there are things that my parent can communicate to me and I get to understand and vice versa. The lessons from them are so priceless right now. But I guess that is how age works.

  •  Girls Girls

Recently some things were brought to my attention and it really worried me, for a moment. We girls can so easily stop a friendship or a communication just like that then act like nothing is wrong. That our behavior is perfectly fine. I say ‘we’ because I have been this way as well.

We pass on judgement so quickly on each other then act surprised when the same is done to us. It is very strange, that we genuinely argue about air and it gets us mad and upset. Then we hate each other and break things that would have been stepping stones to greater heights for all of us. So as a girl prone to this madness, I take a step forward like Katniss and say, “I volunteer as tribute” I put myself to the test and stop taking things, like air, too personally and look for solutions rather than simmer in the madness. Girls!

Let spread some girl love!! Since we are on the topic, check out Girl Love by Lilly Singh. And again, no it is not a promo, I’m just spreading the word on something I feel our generation and the generations to come can change for the better.

I could add more randomized thoughts but I do not want to overdose you on too much of  Jack2y juice hehe, so thank you so much for reading and have a good one!

Hey guys! My name is Jacky and I have this belief that Jack2y looks much better than Jacky. Oh and also that the world is a much better place when we work together. So I will share stories and insights and I would love to get to know you and your story. FYI I have an obsession with cake! Thank you for being you!!

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