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Sleep Ninjas!!!


Sleep Ninjas!!!

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Sleep Ninjas!!!

I personally love it. So what is my first official post in the new place, you ask. Sleep! Hehe….

I should probably check on my priorities but this sounds just right. Lately I have been generally sleepy and with this new challenge came in new skills learnt that maybe I will transfer on to you. Obviously you shouldn’t follow anything I am saying because I might be insane, but it’s nice to look through the glass of this side of the mental institution for Jack2y only. Shall we proceed now?

  •  Sleep Whispers

This is when sleep first makes its presence known. When it whispers into our ears and tantalizes us with sweet dreams. Dreams that leave us in the middle and make us itching to know what happens next. Then it says,” If you want to know more, close your eyes and come with me. And to that we say NO! Well for a  while then we proceed on to the next step.

  •  Negotiation

After thinking about it for a few minutes, sleep looks like the better option. So if at home then a negotiation with sleep is normally successful because a nap can easily be taken. However, when at work, no negotiations can take place. When negotiations by chance take root the the next point follows pretty quickly.

  •  Undercover Sleep

Now I’m sure when you read that title, you remembered that one time or those several times at work or at school where you got away with sleeping. Hi five to that! No no, I shouldn’t be encouraging sleep for those who are not done with school yet, (wink wink). That time when the negotiations favored sleep, positions are sort after to take even if it is a 2 minute nap. That is the time blinks are longer than usual. This is the time people look for things on the floor for no particular reason.

The floor is full of diamonds at this time and it is the most important thing in the world to find them. Atleast this is what I think everyone else is thinking. My favorite, not that I sleep a lot, hehe, is the one looking down. Because no one will ask too much about it. You were after all looking for the pin that fell, along with all those diamonds that need to be found.

  •  Post Undercover project

When your body alerts you or if someone wakes you, then we wake up as though we would be expecting to be moved to somewhere else. The surprised expressions are the best! Yet we just slayed on that deep sleep life! The mind then works to get you on track during a deep, long and awkward pause. Sometimes it is hard to find yourself after that super intensive nap.

They are normally short naps but they make a powerful impact. Like fists of sleep! How do you sleep like a ninja? Is it  hard or is it easy? Do you get to do it everyday? Does it feel good? Like popcorn! Tell me about it. Thanks so much for reading and have a good one!!!

Hey guys! My name is Jacky and I have this belief that Jack2y looks much better than Jacky. Oh and also that the world is a much better place when we work together. So I will share stories and insights and I would love to get to know you and your story. FYI I have an obsession with cake! Thank you for being you!!

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