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Big Ass Problems


Big Ass Problems

Big Ass Problems

Pun intended….I’ve had a big ass all my life, I’d attach a photo but that would be too much advertising,

I mean it would be selfish of me not to let your imagination have a run. I digress, yes my big ass….ooooh how it turns heads. Do I have a point?! actually I do….. I have a big ass (okay I’m joking) in life everything has pros and cons, everything, even body parts.

Suddenly everyone wants a big ass, they just wake up one morning and decide yeah me too sign me up. Injections here, surgeries there, pills here, padded clothing there…. And for what, to impress another human being who will get bored the minute he sees bigger, how unfortunate. Then there you are stuck with esteem issues, because again of the same human being who demanded for too much, and never really wanted the real you …. Sad.

Back to the main agenda, my big ass (really it’s big, and…..wait for it,….. natural) I’d have my friends confirm but they also don’t like attention. My point I never liked the fact that I had a big ass, honestly…. I didn’t, I just wanted it to go away. But I grew up, grew into my body makes more sense, and had a moment of self acceptance. However it’s not a fairy tale ending, how I wish it was. I too have problems……finding clothing is a task, the men (I could write a book here), squats are not

easy…maintenance is everything by the way, there’s no time to slack…. Did I mention that people treat your ass like another human being, true story. ‘Hey how that ass doing?!’ This is a text by the way….(gimme a minute lemme ask it real quick), it’s even named, that’s how serious it is.

Don’t get it twisted, I love my ass. I mean I can spank myself daily, jealous yet?! Again, I

have a point, to everything, there’s problems too….

Big boobs problems

Small boobs problems

Tall girl problems

Natural hair problems

Short girl problems

So you bleached……light skins have problems too

You shaved…..short haired problems exist too

You lost weight…..slim people have problems too

If the alterations were not for you, but another human being….. They will not always be there to make the problems worth it….and then that’s all they’ll be nothing but endless problems. Love who you are, be who you are, embrace your problems. Do you boo, always. Thanks for reading, I appreciate

The name’s Nabwirae First time guest writing, for more go to…

God bless….

Hey guys!!! Another guest writer graces our blog! Yeeeeeey! As always I wish you nothing

but positive vibes, love and light!

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