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When Superwoman Saved Me!


When Superwoman Saved Me!

When Superwoman Saved Me!

Hellllooooooo guuuyyysss!!! The day has finally come! I have been thinking about this post for a long tiiiiimmmme.

Why did I not post it you ask? Well you see one of those things you just feel that the timing is no good. Yes exactly that way. But here we are so let’s light it up (like a neon sign hehe…. no one, okay)


For those who do not know who that lovely human being is check here and here then subscribe to her channels, follow her socials, watch all her videos, then come back. I will wait because she is hella worth it! Are you through? Well if not, you can turn on your notifications on her channel so that you get updates whenever she uploads a new video. Okay okay okay……I’m done promoting her, not like she needs it……. anyways let me get to the story.

So there I was, like we all are, pushed to my limit. That day I honestly said the words out loud, “I can’t do this anymore.” The thing is that, last year I had a new resolve, to be optimistic and more present in life because I had been so passive and negative for so long. And we all know that is an endless pit of hate and darkness. So things were working out so well for me until they were not. Old habits die hard so I was in out of being present and being passive.

Life has this thing of, “You think that’s the worse it can get, well let me prove you wrong”. I was a mess. A hurt and tired mess. I felt I had no worth. I felt nothing and that day in the month of December 2016, I had had enough. I didn’t have any strength within myself to continue pushing. I just wanted to stay in bed and wait for…..well nothing to be honest. Being alone isn’t the worst thing, feeling alone and worthless is the worst.

I sat on the bed and went through my phone, like the true Millennial I am. Thank God for WiFi and YouTube. I watched what I usually watched, new songs and a guy called Josh Leyva ( my brother looovvvvees him btw). Then those videos recommended by YouTube showed up. I had seen this video on my home page but I had not watched it and I had been ignoring it. So then I decided to take a peak at it, because why not. It was Three girls, One Elevator . Then I wanted to see more and more and more and a bit more then more then eat then watch much much much more.

I was swept into the wave of watching IIsuperwomanII videos. Then I found her vlog channel and got to see how her day went on and she had a book coming out and she had a movie out and she was in Dr Cabbie, which btw I had watched previously, and was in Bad Moms as well. I do get a bit obsessive about new things so I found out everything there is to find out bout Lilly Singh. Well everything on the inter web. Lilly Singh is not a celebrity, she a really cool human who has done some epic things that she still continues to do, no disrespect to other people. And plus she posts daily vlogs and cool videos every Monday and Thursday.

How epic is that! So clearly I love this person immensely, but why do I say that she saved my life? I say that because she did. Her comedy is on point in every way and it is close to impossible to watch her videos and not feel some type of way in all the good vibes. But that’s not it. She saved my life because she showed me that she had run out of options as well. She had done what she was told for so long and she just could not do that anymore. She showed me that I have much more within me than I had ever thought. A trip to Unicorn Island and How To Be A Bawse are life skills and tools that she created and which anyone, regardless of all the variables can use to change their lives.

She showed me that I can do much more regardless as long as I work hard and most importantly, be honest and kind with myself and with everyone around me. I can put my energy into all the positives instead of the negative. I guess you are wondering how she communicated all that to me and she does not even know me, well watch her vlogs and skits, watch a trip to unicorn island and read How To Be A Bawse. Then come back and tell mehow Lilly Singh saved your life as well.

I started this blog because she inspired me to  do what I have always wanted to do so, I can only imagine the things she will bring out in you my friend.

Moral of the story: Unicorns are real and group of them is called Team Super and their

Queen, Mama Unicorn herself is Lilly Singh. Now you know .

Lilly Singh if one day on God’s green earth you get to read this, just know I cried and fainted because you are reading this. You mean so much to many people and I love you. I acknowledge your kindness and strength and the super human ability you have to climb the ladder always. And you are so humble and loving and……..I see I’m rumbling on and on and on now….I can continue though…yes no? Well, is my blog and Lilly is Queen! Queen Lilly, massive hugs and kisses are flying your way. You took 60% part in changing my mind set and in turn my life so thank you for being you.

Okay I’m done.

Hope you guys get to check on the links and I can’t wait to hear from you. Team Super, you guys are awesome!! As always I wish you positive vibes, love and light! Thanks for reading and have a good one!!

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