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If Nobody Knows Then Nobody Cares


If Nobody Knows Then Nobody Cares

If Nobody Knows Then Nobody Cares

My childhood was pretty crude for a girl. Mostly when I talk aboutmy childhood I’m always talking about the other life my parents never really found out.

It was like living two different adult lives where you were super rich and lived in Beverly Hills and could do whatever you want while the life you were well…just life zoned. When I was little we were kinda super rich, but who cares about money when you’re 5??

Now I don’t know whether other girls admit to this, but I never looked forward to shower time. I hated baths. It took me a really long time to get used to having a shower daily. My mom would inspect me every evening to see whether I had showered and not just changed my clothes. Most of the time I would forget to change my underwear and my mom would give me the look. But I always preferred the look or a beating to taking a shower.

I would have dirt streaks on my legs and still look my mother in the eye and swore that I took a bath. I can’t emphasize just how I hated that phase of the day. Second on list was School. Sure I loved science and maths, (btw maths and I didn’t last forever. that ungrateful little filler) but having to wake up at 5 everyday? I would pass that over and over. Now, my school life was an adventure. I had experiences. But if you think that this is the part I get to see that school is not as horrible…please take a back seat.

Some memories are just traumatize me and I would rather I keep them between me and the people who were unfortunate enough to be there. But maybe I should tell you about the day I peed on myself. No. Or the day I wore bikers to games. Uuugh. Not that one. The day I hid under a desk to avoid going to PE? Not really. When I ran away from school at 8 in the evening?

Jesus Christ. It looks like I don’t have a less embarrassing one. But wait, I remembered one. The day I got licked up in the washrooms. Yep. For three straight periods. I do not even know who did it and why. ( Okay I might have been a little fucker but still). All this happened in primary school.

So why am I even saying all this. I was making chicken the other day when I remembered when I had carried a full frozen chicken to school. why? The school manager had told me if I did not want what the school provided then I’ll have to provide for myself. I knew he was being sarcastic and I would not let him get away with it. Not even my mother knew I had frozen meat in my school bag.

Long story short, they took my meat and agreed to have me take special meals. But I never had my chicken back. And uuh, I almost forgot the day I boiled chicken because my mom had told me to take it out of the freezer before she left for work. and I remembered when I heard her at the gate.

Basically what I’ve been trying to say this whole time is that no matter how many things I have done; mostly uncouth, here I am. Refined lady in pursuit of greatness and a fine man.

Pretty and intelligent . Still in school. So you see. Past life seldom matters in the life you chose to live. It does not even shape you. ( Imagine if I held on to my past life.) #shudders. So let yourself grow and get out of that comfort zone. Hypothetically speaking, Growing up is fun. But really, its just choices and decisions here.

Hey guys!!! Another guest writer!! Her name is Essy and you can connect with her here.

As always guys I send you positive vibes, love and light! Thanks for reading and have a good


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