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Lies That Bind

Lies That Bind

Hi. My name is Annemarie and I’m an author. I’m also a ghostwriter and I’m sure there are a

Myriad of topics to be discussed to do with writing and what not, but you can find that on my

blog on any given Sunday. Or any day of the week really. So I want to talk about something that’s close to my heart and that is people being hypocritical little shits. Otherwise known as people who cheat themselves. It’s bad enough when you’re not honest with other people – (Me) – but then when you start

cheating yourself you know that it’s over. The fat lady has sung. Authenticity is a concept you cannot even imagine. You wouldn’t know it if it slapped you in the face and then attempted to do the horizontal mamba with you.

Case in fact.

This morning I received one of those super annoying forwards on Whatsapp about the latest

menace to hit our society; the fact that Nickelodeon has a cartoon series with gay characters

in it. I mean seriously the level of panic people go into when gayness is so much as mentioned usually leaves me severely amused but then, I’m not gay. I don’t have to live with that stigma day in day out. Gayness is the new AIDS.

Remember when people with Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome were ostracized lest they infect you with a look? Maybe you don’t cause your ass isn’t as old as mine, but I do.

That is gayness now. Apparently, it can be caught by watching cartoons or whatever which feature gay characters. Then your poor straight innocent god-fearing kid is going to turn gay because of Mr. and Mr. Smith in that cartoon.

It’s so amusing because your kid probably already knows a gay person. My son is in high school and he’s a classic homophobe; he’s drunk the kool aid. Homosexuality is bad. And yet at the same time, it’s not something that is out of this world to him or outside of his experience. He knows gay kids in his school. Yet here y’all are acting as if it’s a western concept alien to your society.It’s not.

But y’all continue to bury your heads in the sand. It’s what you do best. Speaking of gay couples, I’m loving one on TV right now. The couple known as ‘Malec’ (Google it) is really providing me with some good TV. Just so much depth and complexity; haven’t been this interested in a TV couple since Nikita and Michael (the originals not theknock off version).

I see people on twitter complain about how Malec is not equally represented on the show because they haven’t shown them in bed unlike the straight characters. And they tag the show runner and call him a homophobe because of it. Of course,the aim here is to pressure him into releasing the sex tape so they all get their rocks off…but

the truth is, this is how TV has done compelling couples since way back. Michael and Nikita did nothing but stare at each other for an entire season while every week we were on the edge of our seats waiting, hoping and praying that they would just hold hands. For a second.

Suspense at its best people. The compelling couple never gets to consummate. Remember Max and Logan from Dark Angel? Not so much as a kiss the entire length of the series. Okay the two seasons.

It’s what keeps you coming back every week. Hoping that next week will be the week you get some onscreen action. Maybe y’all are just too young to know these things. I often think that I was born just at the right time to experience everything in its right time and remember it for when people are being ignorant.

Everyone please educate yourselves about things. Hey guys!!!! Our guest writer today is Annemarie. If you would like to link up with her, you can do so here,here and here.

As always guys I wish you positive vibes, love and light! Yes even on a bit of a break guest posts will be made. Thanks so much for reading and have a good one!

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