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Facing The Giants


Facing The Giants

Facing The Giants

Hey guys! I’m so very new here. It has actually taken me a while to know where exactly I need to write the post, but I finally got to locate it.

Anyway, y’all must wonder why I am talking about a movie that been on since a couple of years ago. The thing is, it is a good movie  and will forever remain a good movie. The reason I want to talk about it is for us all who often have this very bad habit, (on a light note) of wanting to give up every time things tend to go wrong or the times we often feel forgotten.

Earlier today, I just decided to watch this movie and the person I was with just suggested I get to do a write up about it. Well that of course gets to denote we both appreciated it to some really great level. The very first time I watched this movie, I was 22 years old. You must now think I’m 30, lol. But I’m almost there. At the time, there was nothing really impressive about the movie but today, everything about it was. I cried! Honestly, I did. Here are a few lessons I got to learn today.

  • Prayer, it is everything.

There are often times we will get to find solutions to situations on our own, while the closest and most sure solution is us getting to talk to God. For example, there was this coach whose Team lost in all matches until an old man came and gave him a message from the Lord’s word on not giving up and that God wasn’t done with him yet. It was from Revelations 3:7-8. When people tend to make you someone you are not, God is not done with you, even when everyone else is done with you.

  • You are an instrument of God, in your greatest struggles.

When we are struggling with situations in our lives, we tend to think that it is at that time that God is done with us. Like we are forgotten and probably forgotten children of God. However, at that time we tend to feel that way that God is actually assigning us a task. He needs us to reach out to the wounded in our pain so that through our wounds we can get to reach out to those who are in similar situations or probably in worse situations than we are in. When the coach was wounded, when most felt he wasn’t a good coach, when his wife couldn’t give birth to a child over a period of 4 years, when his car was malfunctioned yet he needed to go with it to work every single day, He blessed those who often needed to feel God’s love. He forgave those who hurt him and he reconciled those who chose to be far apart because of various differences.

  • Trusting God’s time and will makes us heroes.

This has been the greatest lesson for me in this movie today. The word of God says in Mathew 19.26 that with God all things are possible. But do we really believe that with Him all things are possible? There are certain struggles we have as individuals and we often pray to God because of certain struggles we have been through and when there seems to be no change at all, we let it be as is and we think that God isn’t working in our situation. God can give you a child, but He does so in His time. That does not make you barren. God can heal your brokenness. He does so in His time, that does not make you rejected and with defects. When He changes your situation, you become an eternal Father’s hero.

I would wish to analyze the entire movie from beginning to end, but I think this is enough to help us see that there is more to believing that indeed all is possible with God. It becomes most possible during that time we feel that we are absolutely nothing in the face of man and in the face of God. He is an eternal Father and we praise Him in good and in bad times.

I’m Lucy and you can find more of my posts on Thank you!

And if we win, we praise Him. And if we loose we praise Him. Either way we Honor Him with our actions and attitudes  – Grant Taylor

From my heart to yours. 🙂

Hey guys! My name is Lucy! Glad to be here and all my social media links are here.

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