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Lilly Singh In Kenya!!


Lilly Singh In Kenya!!

Photo Courtesy of @iisuperwomanii Twitter

Lilly Singh In Kenya!!

Hello good people! Now I always love coming to you with some good good in terms of positive vibes, love and light. That’s true, unless ofcourse I’m shook. And today is that day….

Hello good people! Now I always love coming to you with some good good in terms of positive vibes, love and light. That’s true, unless ofcourse I’m shook. And today is that day. Dead and buried is the status on my Whatsapp today.

Why you ask? Just read the title then we’ll continue. It’s okay, I’ll wait…..You done? Read it again, outloud this time as you annunciate each syllable. Don’t worry about people seeing you, they don’t mind. I am absolutely excited that Lilly Singh is in Kenya with her parents. How cool is that guys. Now for those of us who do not know who Lilly Singh is, she is Superwoman! As in, her username is Superwoman after all.

She is a Canadian YouTuber and has been for the last 7 years. She is an actress as well and she has been in Dr Cabbie and Bad Moms. She has 2 channels on YouTube, one for scripted comedy and the other for her vlog. For those who do not know what a vlog is, it is when a person allows fans through their day by sharing it via video. I hope I made sense.

As much as she has done all this and won so many awards, she works with the We Foundation to promote education for girls in the Masai community in Kenya. Which is pretty epic. There are girl love rafiki bracelets made by the Masai women and then they are sold worldwide and the proceeds go to the education of these girls.

Lilly started Girl Love to encourage girls and women that we do not need to hate on each other. We can raise each other up instead of knocking one another down. And yes my friend, she does practice what she preaches!

At this point, you can tell I love this human! But let me go beast mode and unleash the excitement I’m trying to keep to the minimum 😊.

My friends and family might call it obsession. I don’t mind 🙂. She is the most amazing, hardworking, woke, loving, big hearted, aware, talented, blessed person I have ever met through a screen. I don’t know how I can explain to you guys just how much this person is like nothing you’ve ever seen in the best possible way.

I was in a hard place mentally when YouTube suggested her girl love video with Zendaya and Winnie Harlow. Then I went on a Superwoman marathon for the next few days then I found Lilly’s Vlogs and boy has she worked late nights and early mornings and weekends and holidays and birthdays and family get togethers. Then she was releasing her first book (ofcourse you know I had to get my hands on it).

My world didn’t seem so out of control anymore. It didn’t seem like this impossible mountain that I could never get over. All the way fro LA, Lilly Singh shocked my back to life!!

So for her to come to Kenya whether I will meet her or not, I’m just not able to comprehend my emotions right now! Lilly Singh is the best! And plus she’s hella fine! Bless up!(I just had to put that in there).

Lilly, if one day we do indeed meet just know that I would faint and when I get up thank you. For sharing your heart, mind and soul for that one person in pain and heartbreak. Thank you so much!!

And also let me just say Team Super aka her fans work on not just being fans but friends. They encourage each other, celebrate each other’s achievements and the support they give is beyond anything I’ve ever seen a fan base give. Team Super Bless Up!!

Okay for y’all who have no idea who this person is here’s a video and I highly encourage you to watch many more!

We could fan out together on my socials that are linked and subscribe to get notified whenever I post.

As always guys I wish you nothing but positive vibes, love and light! Thanks for reading and have a good one!!!


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