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Bye Bye Bad Habits


Bye Bye Bad Habits

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Bye Bye Bad Habits

Hey good people!! It is officially 2 weeks since we last had a conversation! Oh my! That is such a while but we are here now and for a moment let us pause and be grateful. We have breathe in our lungs and that good good internet to be able to connect with anyone in the planet! Blessed Life!!

So have you ever had that annoying one habit that kinda sorta takes over your entire life. And have you ever had just the hardest time to get rid of it but it keeps popping up every now and then. Yes, me too. I was just in the loo/bathroom (yes it may be TMI but the best ideas come when we be chilling up in there) then an old habit started cropping up into my mind. This habit I have probably spent almost 2 years trying to get over. What is this habit you ask? Well what we all do in our 20’s. Thinking about a boy/girl that we will never date. It does not even make sense.

In my mind, we had a home with a rooftop garden on our house and it had a sun roof with enough space that we hosted barbecues. We traveled around the world and tried new experiences together. In my mind we were 100000% a team and a strong team to beat. And why did I do this? Well he looks like he could be a good person to settle down with. And why have you not told him all this? Okay enough questioning on the habit. Let’s not get off topic.

Now, I am not saying that I know all the steps to get over a habit you want to get over, but these are the things that worked for me. I hope something may work for you or if something is already working for you, let me know about it in the comments below!

  • Think it Through

I had to have a look at myself and be honest. How exactly was this benefiting anyone? What consequences does it have? And it benefited no one and led to me not talking to my friend. Because all I could think of was that damn rooftop garden. Yours may be more or less intense than my situation. Before falling into old habits, just take  second to genuinely think it through. Why are you falling into this habit or rather why do you want to get out of it? Think about how exactly you will feel after, good or bad. Then ask yourself, is it really worth it in the long run. I am having a hard time getting back to working out after falling off the program for a couple of days. I do not want to go back to not working out so what do I do? I just start and go from there.

  • Replacement

I read somewhere that the best way of getting rid of a habit is replacing it with a different habit. I would like to say that I am indeed 100% proof of that but that would be lying through my dirty mouth (well in this case fingers). I’d say for sure 80% proof. There was a time either this year or last year, I was obsessed with soda. I had a 500ml bottle of soda every single day. And yes, the fat does come with it. But I so hooked that I would stop eating anything, as long as I had my bottle of soda at the end of the day. I replaced soda with food. Not that every time I wanted to take a soda I ate food. No. I have made sure that my food is filling so that the only drink I could be able to down is water. I still have the soda once in a while but the 500ml bottle now takes so much time for me to finish.

  • Team You!

We all need cheer leaders in our lives. Those people who support us and love us. Even in situations that we are the only ones supporting ourselves, we need that. This is especially important when we fall off the rails and get into our old habits. We need someone in our corner pushing us more, believing in us and encouraging us on. Something I learnt earlier on is that we need to be these people to ourselves first before anyone else comes in. Lets be kind and loving to our own faults. Something I saw on Twitter was

Treat Yourself as you would treat a child. Take care of Yourself as you would a child

  • Educate To Inspire

There is a whole world out there that we do not know about yet. There are so many activities one can do on their own or even create a team. It is easy to point fingers at each other but once it is a personal experience we become stuck. When we research and fill our minds with new knowledge we are able to understand various situations. We are able to make informative decisions. A situation where a habit would have been hopeless to get over, we find out more about that and even find people who worked it out and we get to know their stories. Ensuring not to sell yourself short is also important. You can change what you do not like in your life. If not completely change, then making the situation better for yourself. Just try.

These are just a few tips that have worked great for me! If you are trying to get over a bad habit, you can do it! I have 1000000000000000000000000000000000000% faith that you can!

I hope they help you too. As always guys I wish you positive vibes love and light. Thanks for reading and have a good one!

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Hey guys! My name is Jacky and I have this belief that Jack2y looks much better than Jacky. Oh and also that the world is a much better place when we work together. So I will share stories and insights and I would love to get to know you and your story. FYI I have an obsession with cake! Thank you for being you!!

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