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Pain and Forgiveness


Pain and Forgiveness

Photo by Gerome Viavant

Pain and Forgiveness

Hello guys!! Happy 2018!! It’s now 3 days into the New Year and I’m so grateful to be here alive and well! It feels good to have a fresh start, a clean slate to do whatever that makes us happy!

So today I wanted us to discuss pain and forgiveness. Pain in this case I mean being hurt by both ourselves and others. In the past or rather in 2017 we have probably been hurt a few times and for others much more than ever. I was hurt by people close to me too and it makes you rethink everything in your life.
My thoughts went in line of, how little this person or even myself thought of me. That doing something to hurt me was how much they or myself valued me. I’m not sure if I’m speaking English hehe.

Anyway the point I’m trying to make is that being in pain makes us bitter. And that’s just the worst taste.There’s a quote my friend and I love to state,

Hurt people hurt people

When we are in pain, we are most likely to spread that pain and bitterness around us. The vibe we give off ends up being much more heavy and hateful. And no one wants to be part of that, even ourselves. Remember what we give we receive, this applies to the kind of energy we give off.

Forgiveness therefore is necessary. And forgiveness is not based on whether they deserve it or not. That part is irrelevant. Forgiveness is for us who hurt. To let go of that hate and that pain and that bitterness. Yesterday I listened to a podcast by Lewis Howes and his guest said something in the lines of,

If we do not forgive, we are keeping the pain alive in us to hurt us over and over again

This means that if we do not let go of that pain, we end up constantly hurting ourselves. I understand that it takes some time and a lot of effort. But let’s not take too much time on it. We have so many amazing things to experience and learn! And as much as watching sad movies and having some comfort food makes our hearts happy, let’s make our hearts excited by letting go and moving on to greater and more inspired things. You are 10000% worth it and this situation you are unable to move past will pass. So choose to change it on your own terms. Let it go 😊!

I just wanted to thank you for being here and for those who were here in 2017, thank you so very much!! Even with my inconsistency you still show up so thank you thank you thank you!!

As always guys I wish you nothing but positive vibes, love and light! Thanks for reading and have a good one!!

Hey guys! My name is Jacky and I have this belief that Jack2y looks much better than Jacky. Oh and also that the world is a much better place when we work together. So I will share stories and insights and I would love to get to know you and your story. FYI I have an obsession with cake! Thank you for being you!!

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